Monday, May 20, 2013


Chris started his own business last week.  He quit his 9-5 and decided to go on his own.

Naturally I'm supportive...

when I'm not crying and screaming, "I've got no security!!"

Come on now.  Before you judge, remember I am 8 months pregnant.  Sure, we saved a cushion but... there is no cushion big enough to make a woman who is 8 months pregnant sleep well at night.

I wake up in the middle of the night screaming marketing ideas, "Ice cream trucks with your name on the side!!!"

What?  I didn't say they were good ideas.  And it's not my fault my 2 AM marketing ideas  tie into cravings.

Chris didn't think the chocolate covered signs were a good idea either.

The man simply has no taste.

I've been more frugal than normal - which is difficult since I already feel Top Ramen is over budget.

He's a hard worker.  He's a bright man.  He's honest.  All things people value in a contractor.  I'm sure it will work out...

if I can convince him to buy those carmel business cards...