Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On His Own...

Chris went out on his own.  'Accidentally' quit his job, and decided to become his own boss.

I was 'supportive' of course.  Supportive as in...

"We're going to die!  We'll never make it!  We have no stability!"... followed by a six week crying fit.

What?!?  I'm a girl.  I was pregnant.  That's called a normal Tuesday night.

Just as I expected, Chris has not made as much money as he normally makes.

He's made more.

Imagine my disappointment.

What!?!?  I hate being wrong more than I love success.

Turns out, hard work and honesty are valued commodities in construction and word travels fast... really fast.  He's booked for 4 months.  He can't even sign new work unless they are willing to wait...and they are.

And the most annoying part?  He's happy.  And he enjoys what he's doing.

Don't worry.  I'm looking for ways to sabotage him.  In the meantime, I wish he'd wipe that grin off is face.  It's so darn annoying.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Child Bearing Hips...

I know I'm a 'curvaceous' lady.  That's a nice way of saying... I've got hips.

Sure, I'm no Kim Kardashian - I'm only 130 pounds, but most of those pounds reside sound of my navel.

I've always been bothered by my body shape.  I can't wear 'boyfriend' jeans or pencil skirts.  My body was made for 1950's style and I was born 50 years too late.

I just gave birth to our second son two weeks ago.  Two weeks before that, my doctor did a regular OB exam and said, 'You will have a very easy birth.  Your body was made to have babies.'

'Are you trying to say I have 'child bearing hips'?' I asked.



Baby Declan was out in 2 pushes.


He was born in less than 60 seconds.

My doctor patted my leg and said, "What did I tell you!?  You were created to have babies!!"

I have hated my body my whole life.  Hated everything about it.  But when, for the second time, you are able to have a worry free pregnancy and storybook delivery... I find myself grateful that God didn't create this body for the runway.

He made the two most important days of my life, the most wonderful moments.  These tractor trailer hips, for once, were good for something, the very, very best thing.  Bringing life into the world.

Cheers to the tractor trailers. Cheers to the pear shapes.  Somehow you made up for 33 years of hating you in two very special moments.

Welcome to the world Declan James.

So very glad to meet you...

in 60 seconds.