Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hawaiian Dummy Drag...

Our stay in Hawaii was amazing. By far, one of the best vacations I've ever had.  The Aulani Resort has a breathtaking outdoor area.  A pool for every age and *surprisingly* very reasonable food and beverage prices.  It was absolutely unforgettable.

Given the same exact discounts and deals, would I go again?

Not on your friggin' life.

12 plane and 3 airport hours roundtrip with a 3 year old and 1 year old.

Dear US Government, I have a new method of torture.

My brother complains often about the victim rescue portion AKA the 'dummy drag' of his firefighter agility test.  Firefighters must drag a 170 pound doll for 50 feet.

Hmmm.  I dragged a 40 pound duffle bag, a 20 pound diaper bag, Cash's 15 pound backpack, my 10 pound purse, and a carseat with a kicking 1 year old through 2 airports.

I'd take the 170 pound dummy any day.

Follow that with a 6 hour flight.  You're finally resting but you almost miss the openness of the airport...

people didn't notice your screaming child nearly as much.

You know things are bad when the flight attendant repeatedly offers you and your husband... and the people around you... free drinks. Oh wait.  Except you're pregnant so you have to say no.  Oh wait.  ADD PREGNANCY SICKNESS.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) all sharp objects were taken from me thanks to the stupid TSA so I wasn't able to slit my wrists.

And it got worse....

To be continued.