Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Fantasy League...

Chris convinced me I needed to join my family's Fantasy Football League.  Last year, Chris, my brothers, and sisters spent most of the season sending text messages leading up to and during football games.  Chris' phone would buzz and "SUCK IT!  YOU'RE GOING TO LOSE SUCKA" would scroll across the screen.

Well gee.  As fun as that sounds.

I decided to join... even though my only knowledge about the players is how cute the Kansas quarterback is.

Chris had to draft my team.  I had tried to pick players based solely on their hotness factor but Chris said that wasn't an indication of their abilities.

Says who?

He drafted the Steelers defense and suggested the Cardinals for my bye week.  "I thought the Cardinals were a baseball team." I said.

Chris just stared at me and sighed.

He 'skillfully' set my active and bench players and said, "It'll be fun babe.  You'll see!"

Game time.  I excitedly open the app on my iPad and watch my score...


My opponent? 160.

It got better.  I jumped to 120... just before he jumped to 323.

I should have followed my gut and drafted on the hotness factor.  Educated guessing?  Not working.


TheFitnessFreak said...

Hotness is where it's at! BTW, glad you joined us : )

Lizzie M. said...

I would have totally picked players based on looks or the sound of their name if I had joined you guys!