Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It’s open season…

Thanks to my marvelous *ahem* not *ahem* position in foods at the 'big box' store, I am prohibited from wearing jewelry of any sort including my…

Wedding ring.

Talk about feeling naked.

Unfortunately, my lack of a wedding band signals the world to my ‘singleness’. And -

Either a.) I have become more significantly attractive since I married my sweetheart


b.) Guys think my hair net, my plastic gloves, and my knee length apron are hot.

Maybe I have a way with words. For instance, perhaps some appreciate the way I say, ‘Would you like a churro for only a dollar more?’ or ‘Our foods are made with only the finest ingredients.’

Riiight. I’m with ya. The answer is:

c.) My city is full of desperate men.

But in other news – my self confidence is way up.

Well… as much as it can be. I do, after all, wear a hair net, plastic gloves, and an apron.

I received a letter today from a local city saying I had passed the testing requirements and would be the first to interview when a position came available and I couldn’t help but wonder…

When the heck did I apply for that job?

Ah. The fabulous life of the ‘kinda’ unemployed.


Nicole said...

Hey it's hard keeping all of the resume submissions straight. Maybe all of the offers for dates will distract you from your big box job:)

Btrony said...

well you just tell me who to beat up and i will..... :) nobody messes with my sexy lover

Lizzie M. said...

That just cracks me up!!