Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pass the Nestle Crunch Bar...

While pregnant with Cash, I worked out the entire pregnancy.  I ran, I did yoga, I did sit ups.  Even while on work trips, I brought workout videos.  I gained 30 pounds.

After he was born, I jumped right into working out.  A full week hadn't gone by and I was logging in the miles on my jogging stroller.  After several weeks, I had dropped all but 10 pounds and was happy.

Baby number 2?  Didn't work out.  Not even once.

Total weight gain? 23 pounds.

Post delivery, I dined almost entirely on Hershey Nuggets and cherry Coke.  Exercise?  Sure.  If you count going to the grocery store to buy more nuggets and Coke as a workout.

I've got 4 pounds before I hit my pre-pregnancy weight.

There is a God.