Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An hour or so...

Since I'm at home with both kidlets on maternity leave, I've been making dinner each night, cleaning the house, washing the clothes, 'general housewifey' stuff that is pretty much foreign to my normal 'uber tired work wifey just order a friggin pizza' stuff.

I was quite proud of myself as I chopped veggies and placed chicken into a marinating baking bag for dinner yesterday morning.

Tuesday's are also trash days and I didn't want the smell of chicken fat to reek up the house so I cleaned the kitchen and ran the garbage to the container on the street before the trash truck arrived.

In my efforts to have a spotless kitchen, I accidentally threw away the directions for the chicken... the important part like how long to cook it.

I have NO idea how long to cook chicken.

Chris and Cash take a swim class in the evenings and before they left I asked, "Hey hon, how long do you cook chicken at like, 350ish?"

"Uhh.  An hour or so?" Chris said while running out the door.

Hey.  So.  You DON'T cook a chicken breast and three small thighs for an 'hour or so'.

But, I got to use that new Domino's app on my phone...

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TheFitnessFreak said...

An hour or so? Wow, that must have been delish!