Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Thanks to the ever mounting expenses from bonding, insurance, and licensing for Chris' Contractor's License, our checking account is barely in the black. I didn't realize how dire the situation was until I balanced the checkbook over the weekend and found we had just over $200 to last two weeks.

Sure, we could have made it work if hubby and I weren't both on 'E' and refueling his car is $96 and mine is $57.

Survive on $58? Painful but I've done worse....

until the bill came for Cash's ER hand debacle.


Yes, in the whole scheme of things, $50 is a deal, but $50 when all you have to your name is $58? It had me wishing I had done one of two things while at the ER:

Stolen a whole lot of diapers since we can no longer afford them OR
Inquired about the black market value of my kidneys. Or is it the liver? Or lungs? Whatever body part you can live without and DOESN'T filter alcohol. I need that one.

Now we're 'going green' and wrapping kidlet's butt in old t-shirts until we can afford diapers again.

Since we can't afford to buy groceries, we are currently playing what I like to call, "Freezer Roulette". Freezer roulette is a 'game' in which you blindly reach into the depths of your freezer and cook whatever it is. You spend the entire time hoping the 12-08 on that chicken wrapped in foil means December 8th... not December 2008.

If you read about a young family that died from a weird food borne illness... you'll know it must have been December 2008.

Now, you may be wondering, "Wait? Didn't she say she was remodeling her house one wall at a time? How can she afford that and not food?!?"

We use leftover materials from Chris' construction jobs. That man can do amazing things with 47 pieces of scrap crown molding. If you turn off the lights and squint just right, it totally looks like one piece...kinda.


Lizzie M. said...

And I thought our $45.00 for one week was tight......

Beks said...

Ohhhh. $45 sounds lovely!

Atkinson Handyman said...

It wasn't 47 pieces! it was an even 40... Besides we don't have good lighting in the dinning room or kitchen so you'll never be able to tell

missywhiskers said...

Now you're speaking my language!