Monday, March 24, 2008

Camping with tissue up my nose...

Chris and I went beach camping with some friends Thursday – Saturday.

Leave it to old reliable… I came down with a nasty cold on Wednesday.

The outdoors did me good but the hot bed of germs also known as a ‘public restroom’ evened the score. Sure the friendly park ranger staff cleaned the bathrooms. I saw them. They came out brandishing a hose with a spray nozzle and drenched the walls… the toilet… the sink… the toilet paper…….

No actual scrubbing was involved.

Can’t say I blame the guys. I was reluctant to go inside too.

We did have fun. Perhaps that was because the bathrooms lacked the luxuries in life – like mirrors.

I didn’t have to see what three days worth of nasty grime on my face looked like.

We were also fortunate enough to have the beach to ourselves - and only share with it a few other folks who all happened to be wearing skin colored swim suits… oh wait…. those aren’t swim suits.

And I thought naked beaches were limited to Europe.

Guess not.

Considering the fact that I haven’t worn a swimsuit without a cover-up since 1994, you can bet I wasn’t about to shed any articles of clothing, much less all of them.

I could have since the naked ‘gentlemen’ were more interested in nakedness of the same gender and wouldn’t have noticed me but…

Sorry trail #6 at San Onofre.

I don’t like naked beaches.

Day 2 we hit up trail #1 and tried to forget the images burned in our long term memory from trail #6.

I only took a few pictures. I’m reluctant to pull out items I can’t afford to replace near water or sand so the camera stayed in its case for the most part.

I'm not sure if it technically qualifies as 'camping' if you take this much stuff...

(OK, so most of it was fire wood)

We couldn't figure out how to keep the drinks cold so we used the wet suits...

Have mercy on me... I hadn't showered in a while...


Anonymous said...

LMAO! did I read right? Naked GAY guys?

Camping looks fun. I'd be up for it if it weren't for the dang humidity in FL. We only get a few months of nice weather then JULY-Oct hits! I hate being hot.

BTW...Shower or no shower you looked fine in the last pic. Hood is kind of cheating a bit though. =P

Lizzie M. said...

Looks like fun! The kids are dying to go camping this year.

Nicole said...

You do realize that the picture of the "wetsuit cooler" is preceded by a picture of a real cooler, don't you?