Thursday, March 13, 2008

That’s it, I’m moving!

It’s been a rough week so and it’s an understatement to say my attitude hasn’t been the best.

I kinda realized this when I yelled at Chris to measure the yard twice because he was ‘soooo wrong’ about the 47 foot measurement he had already taken.

‘Babe!’ I yelled, ‘The spot between the driveway and the property line is no more than 25 feet!!’

And I’ll have you know.

He WAS wrong.

It was 48 feet.

We’re landscaping our front yard and putting in a retaining wall. The miser in me is freaking out about the price per foot. I wanted a 3 or 4 foot high wall but after I got a price quote from the block salesman, I suddenly had a hankering for no more than 18 inches.

We haven’t even priced out the cost for a lawn yet. Who knows? I may just keep the weeds and call them ‘California Native Landscaping’.

ANWAY, I was grumpy and as I was stomping across the lawn (I use the term ‘lawn’ loosely) with a measuring tape, and I saw a huge pile of dog poo right in the middle.


People are letting their dogs poo in our yard now?


THEN, as I’m driving to work this morning, I noticed the new billboard in town that says…

‘Pulling the trigger will change your views. Let’s work together against gang violence.’

… written over a picture of a guy in prison.

I would be scared and should perhaps look more deeply into my right to bear arms but I’m a pretty annoyed and aggravated girl right now so Lord help the next person – or animal with the urge to poo - who ticks me off.


Lizzie M. said...

Ahhhhh, the "joys" of homeownership!

How about needing new windows (REALLY bad), siding and a roof that's not wood for a mere thirty grand????

Want to trade houses???

Beks said...

OK, so I won't worry about gang violence. I'll worry about Lizzy coming to kick my butt for whining! ; )

Anonymous said...

Have no fear Beks...the weekend is almost here and then you can drink your frustration away.


Nicole said...

Breath, breath!