Friday, March 28, 2008

Flashback Friday...

I’m taking a short lunch today as I’ve got big plans for tonight so I don’t have time for an all new post. I figured I’d flashback to April of 2006 when I journaled the below entry.

The sad part is, at the time I thought my future life would be better than physical injuries I cause to myself, dental visits, and begging people to finance my house. I guess some things in life never change.

Oh, and just for your info, the dress didn’t help me seal the deal. The bank didn’t finance the condo we were looking into and I was devastated. I didn’t know that God had a beautiful house for me 13 months later with way better financing. Based on the week this has been, I’ve got to look at this and remember… HE can plan my life better than I can.

My ankle is still pretty jacked up from yesterday’s swan dive across the garage floor. I have a bit of a limp but it’s in between a full limp and a regular walk so it just looks like I’m trying to be gangsta’. Love it.

My dentist appointment went well yesterday. The doctor first asked what in heavens name I did and if I regularly ate rocks for meals. I would but I’ve heard they are fattening… and the whole coming out part wouldn’t be pleasant either. Anyway, he gave me a choice, he could drill out the crown or he could polish this one up. I thought about it for about a millisecond before shouting ‘Polish it!’ I’m no masochist!!

I’m wearing a dress today. Why? Trickery. I don’t normally wear dresses to work – come on, in my line of work, really? – but I want the bank guy to think I work in a place with some semblance of a dress code. I could roll in with a tankini and tell him I just got off work but I want to look respectable. Hold on that’s funny, me… respectable.


Anonymous said...

Poor Beks!

Did you piss off a Gypsy or break a mirror?


Nicole said...

That was the beginning of the end of your dental woes:)~

Beks said...

Well crap! I pissed off a gypsy AND broke a mirror! That explains it! ; )

Lizzie M. said...

Things always seem to work out though...right?