Monday, April 30, 2012


Looking at us, you'd never guess my husband and my packing styles. While we both look relatively low maintenance, my husband is an extremely heavy packer... and I'm lucky if I pack more than 2 pairs of panties for a 2 week trip.

Before the birth of our bouncing baby boy, this wasn't a problem. I'd toss a pair of jeans and a t-shirt into a backpack and hubby would dump the contents of his closet and half the linen closet into his military sized duffle bag. He'd tote his bag, I'd tote mine.


"OK, I have the baby butt paste, the baby carrier, the baby bath soap, the baby bath sponge, the backup baby bath soap in case the other one leaks, the lullaby player, baby books, baby videos, the big stroller, the little stroller, the baby backpacker..." he says while checking off his list.

"You forgot the rectal thermometer" I said dryly.

"Oh yeah!" he said while running for the closet.

"I'm kidding"

"Oh" he says while scribbling it off his checklist.

"It's not like we are going to a third world country. If we forget something, we'll swing by Target and buy a new one. Relax."

"But we may not be close to a Target. No need to take unnecessary risks" he says.

As one of the most passive aggressive people you'll meet, I'm not a fan of confrontation so...

I waited until he fell asleep to remove 90% of the contents of the baby bag.

Amazingly, we survived just fine without that rectal thermometer.

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Lizzie M. said...

Must be a firstborn thing.....Randy always packs the biggest duffel bag I've ever seen! Thankfully, he leaves the kids packing to me....we'd never all fit in the same car otherwise :-).