Saturday, June 9, 2012

Do you have this in a 4?

Chris and I have been taking Cash outdoors a lot since the weather has been beautiful lately.  I don't have a lot of non-business attire and asked Chris if he wouldn't mind if I bought a few cheap sundresses from a shop down the street since they were on sale for $15.

Chris walked Cash around the outdoor mall while I went inside to try the clothes on.  I usually pull a 6 and an 8 and pray (sometimes out loud ) that the 6 will fit. 

I found an adorable dress and put on the 6 in the fitting room only to discover it was too large.  Excitedly, I threw open the fitting room door and asked the attendant, "EXCUSE ME.  THIS 6 IS TOO LARGE.  DO YOU HAVE A 4?"

"Sure.  I'll grab one for ya." she said, staring at me oddly.

"YEAH.  THE 6 IS JUST HUGE!!!" I say, nearly screaming for all to hear.

She brought it back and sure enough, it fit perfectly.

"I'LL TAKE THE 4." I say to her as if she were going deaf.

At the cash register, I tell the cashier, "THIS DRESS IS ADORABLE.  I'M SURE GLAD THE 4 FIT!"

"Uh yeah.  Cute." He responded quietly.

Made a total fool of myself.  But...


**To be fair, the dress had elastic, was fitted in my small parts and poofy on my big parts - it's not like I've actually lost weight... I'm still putting it in the win column though.**

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Alexandra Marie said...

hahaha thats exciting ! I'm currently trying to lose a couple of pant sizes !

Alexandra Marie