Friday, June 22, 2012


My sister-in-law cleaned out her closet and donated her clothes to me. It was a nice thought with one minor problem - we aren't exactly the same size.

She's 5" taller and 20 pounds thinner.

Comparatively, she's young hot Cameron Diaz. I'm... current age Liza Minnelli.

So when she brought me the basket, I looked down and said, "Uh. Thanks?"

I went home, and after much debate, tried the clothes on. Remarkably, some things fit while others sent me into fits of laughter at the thought of squeezing my large round butt into the tiny square shorts.

I ran outside to Chris working in the yard and said, "Look hon! Lindsey gave me these shorts and they fit!"

He squinted up into the sunshine to look at me from the hole he was digging for a retaining wall and said, "They seem kinda tight."

Good thing he already had a hole started, it made it easy to bury his body.

I wore one of the cute dresses up to mom and dad's on Sunday and cringed every time I walked past Lindsey. I was terrified she'd say, "So glad you could fit into my maternity dress" or "So glad you found my obese cousin's dress in the pile!"

I checked as soon as I got home. No maternity and there isn't an 'X' after the size. Whew!

Thanks for the clothes Lindsey *wink*

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