Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I DID ask!

"Hey babe, did you ask Lindsey to go to the fair with us?" Chris asked after he got home from work yesterday.

"Yeah" I replied.

He started to walk down the hallway then backtracked, "What exactly did you say?"

"I said we were going to the fair Thursday" I said.


"And what?"

"Where's the invitation in that?"

"Isn't it implied?" I asked.

"There needs to be an actual invitation."

"Why would I say we were going to the fair and there be no implied invitation?!? That would be rude." I said.

"You still need to ask. Ok. Let's try this another way. Let's say your sister calls and says she's stopping at the grocery store..."

"I'd ask her for milk" I say quickly.

"But she didn't ask if you needed anything"

"Why else would she say she was going to the store?!?"

"Because she's being conversational. That's what normal people do."

"That doesn't make sense. We aren't conversational. She'd say 'store' I'd say 'milk'. Bam. Phone call over" I said matter-of-factly.

"Like me, Lindsey married into this nut-job family. We need translators. I think learning Klingon would be easier than trying to understand the way your family communicates." he said eyeing our dining room wall as if debating whether or not to start hitting his head against it.

"I'll prove you wrong. Guaranteed she knows she was invited. I'll put 10 bucks on it." I said, cocky.

This morning I am $10 poorer.

But! When asked the same question, my brother looked at me confused. "Well, yeah. You said you were going to the fair. Isn't the invitation implied?!?"


phays said...

ok, laughing so hard at work I'm tearing up!

Always a laugh to hear an "Outsider's" perspective of their family...

Lizzie M. said...

We seriously might be the world's worst everyone else in the world....I understood what you asked. Perfectly.

TheFitnessFreak said...

Yes, we do have a kind of communication few others can master. They really need to work on that...

Deborah Hays said...

Love it. I knew what you meant.

Lisa C Magnus said...

Only this family thinks when you mention that your doing something it is a invitation. Hence the uninvited people that show up to weddings. :)

Mike said...

Wow, what happens when you tell someone you're going to the bathroom?