Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Can You Prove It?

I called the insurance company of the truck who hit me.  The 'gentleman' asked me to identify the make and model of the vehicle.

"It was a Ford F-150, navy blue, with a construction rack" I answered.

"Did you write down the plate number?"


"Neither you nor the other driver involved in the accident wrote the plate.  You can't prove my insured hit you"

I counted to ten... very slowly... trying to get my temper under control.

"Well sir.  I didn't have to write the plate number down.  I took a close up photo of the plate...and photos of the front and back of each vehicle...and of the accident site... and a photo OF YOUR INSURED."


"One of our adjusters will be contacting you before the end of the day" he said and hung up quickly.

Yeah.  I thought so.


TheFitnessFreak said...

Oh, my! Don't they realize in this day and age everyone has pictures of everything? What a butt!

Venus of the Kitchen said...


Deborah Hays said...

That's my girl! I always have to chuckle inside when some idiot out there things they're going to actually pull one over on one of my girls. If they only knew........

Tee hee. love, mom