Monday, August 6, 2012

Hiding my 'Drug Problem'...

Chris and I enrolled in a class at church for parents of young children.  At the start of the first class, I was paired with two other couples while Chris went to get baby boy from the nursery class.  We chatted, getting to know one another when one of the dads asked, "Where did you guys deliver?"  I pointed my open hand to the other couple and said, "Go ahead, you go first."

The mother smiled and named a women's center known for being adamantly against the use of medical drugs during delivery and instead advocates breathing exercises to reduce stress and pain.

"Us too! Our doula was amazing!  It was such a serene experience!" the husband said (easy for him to say - last I checked, dudes aren't the ones pushing).

They all nodded in agreement, shedding tears and sniffling at the memories of their babies entering the world just as God intended.  They grew silent, then stared at me waiting for me to share my 'amazing natural' childbirth story.

I was guessing it wouldn't be an appropriate time to share that I ordered my epidural 3 months in advance...

I didn't want to lie in God's house so I hurriedly turned to look at the door, "My goodness!  Where is my husband!?  He went to grab our son but I can't imagine what's taking so long" I said smiling.

I think they are on to me.

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TheFitnessFreak said...

I guess if I won a medal or got award money for not getting an epidural, I would consider it. To go through that pain for bragging rights alone? No thanks!