Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crime Scene Investigator...

Chris and I came home late Sunday to discover our trashcans sitting in the driveway and all the items on the side of the house moved.  Chris asked, "Did you move the trash cans?"

I slowly nodded no and timidly opened my car door, half expecting someone to jump from behind the pile and rob me.

I should mention, we've had a few incidents of theft and vandalism so I'm overly sensitive when things are out of place.

I walked around, trying to figure out what happened.  I looked through the trashcans for clues, crawled on the ground sniffing for tracks, and stood on the corner of our lot resting my head on my fist for 10 minutes.  I was about ready to start dusting for prints when I remembered a 'semi-important' fact...

we've got security cameras.

Post-baby brain has slowed down considerably.

I ran into the house and pulled the hard drive.  I watched as our sneaky neighbor waited until we left, moved everything from the side of our house, drove a truck and trailer across our yard, dismantled a spa in their backyard, dragged the remaining parts across our yard into another truck, and drove the first truck back out.

Their yard?  Untouched.

Ours?  A mess... with no note.

I yelled at Chris about my findings to which he said, "Well, at least it wasn't a criminal act, just inconsiderate neighbors.  Now you can rest easy."

"Oh no mister!  This is WAR!!  I want more cameras, a bigger hard drive, a larger monitor..." and on I went.

Chris rubbed his hands on his face in annoyance.  Poor man will never win.

No worries.  I'll research the tech specs for adding to our system... and I'm thinking of investing in a moat.  Maybe I can have alligators flown in from the gulf coast...


TheFitnessFreak said...

Pretty darned nervy if you ask me! If they'll do that, what else will they do?

Mike said...

Nah, already too many swamp people in Santee...