Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I wasted a good hair day for this?!?!?

My nose has been to the job hunting grindstone since Saturday’s news. I’ve sent out most applications to employers through their websites but there have been a select few that I deemed important enough for a personal drop off.

Yesterday I dressed to impress (hence the belt incident) and made my way to several companies I was interested in.

There is one job I’m absolutely dying to get with a government organization that offers fabulous benefits and most important… considers my birthday a holiday.

I pulled in to the freshly laid asphalt parking lot and was greeting by some of my favorite friends: BMW, Porsche, Lexus, and Mercedes. Based on the staff vehicles, I felt I was in the right place.

I straightened my crisp clean pink button up shirt and brushed off my business black slacks as I walked up to the behemoth building. I gave a last prayer for my resume package and opened the heavy glass front door.

As I walked inside, the click of my heels reverberated off the marble floors and the walls. The girl at the desk looked up and said…


I smiled brightly (thank you Mexican dentists and Target whitening strips) and asked, ‘May I please speak with the Human Resources Manager?’

‘Is that an application?’ She asked, pointing to my beautiful royal blue curriculum vitae package.

‘Yes, I’m applying for…’

‘I’ll take it.’ She said as she tossed it on her desk.

‘May I please…’ I started again

‘We will contact you in three weeks if you qualify.’ She replied shortly and turned back to her solitaire game on the computer.

I stood stunned for a second but then smiled and thanked her for her time and walked out.

I felt like leaning back in the door and shouting, ‘CAN YOU AT LEAST TELL THE HR PERSON THAT I’M PRETTY?!?!? Because according to MTV, I only have 1 year and 8 months of vibrant skin left!’

Back to pounding the pavement…


Nicole said...

I hope she doesn't "lose" your resume just for spite! Our beauty tends to cause jealousy you know.

Ashmystir said...

That chick had a tude! Should a smacked her but then...you might not get that job if you did that. Oh well. Smack her anyway. lol.


Btrony said...

tell me where this place is and i'll beat her up!!

what a whore! she was probably intimidated by your beauty!

Lizzie M. said...

Definitely jealous of your smashing beauty. Definitely.

That was definitely hard writing definitely twice, I mean four times now.