Friday, September 19, 2008

Uh…How long has this been in the freezer?

My recent lack of cash flow has made things on the home front a bit difficult. No, it’s not that we aren’t paying our bills, we (surprisingly) had a little emergency fund set up and can survive for like… at least 4 more days.

Come on, I live in So. Cal. The cost of living isn’t exactly cheap here.

The bills part isn’t the big problem, the FOOD part is.

Mortgage – paid by emergency fund
Electric bill – paid by emergency fund
Water bill – paid by emergency fund
Dinner for 2 at the Brigantine - Not considered an ‘emergency’ and not eligible for payment by emergency fund– or at least that’s what Chris keeps telling me.

So for the last week (and probably for a whole lot more weeks) I’ve had to *cough* *gasp* *cough* make dinner at home.

Who does this?!?!


We don’t have money to go grocery shopping so we’re living off what we have in the freezer and in the pantry. I’m pretty creative and somewhat functional in the kitchen yet even with those skills I have trouble creating a meal from maple syrup, top ramen, olive oil, Eggo waffles, and frost bitten French fries. I was completely overcome by excitement when I found a dusty box of brownie mix - until I read the directions and discovered the necessity of eggs.

Maybe I can substitute syrup?

Last night’s dinner creation was rubber chicken fingers and soggy frost bitten French fries. We didn’t have ranch dressing so I tried to use Blue Cheese and Tapitio hot sauce for dipping sauces. For future reference … don’t do this. It makes you gag. The three bites of Tuesday night’s olive oil coated Top Ramen noodles made my stomach turn.

Who knew the shrinking of my waistline would be directly proportionate to the shrinking of my wallet?

Tonight? A tiny 33 cent bean and cheese burrito and a $7 glass of wine.

What. It’s not like I sold my stash of wine.

And no, that’s not an option.


Btrony said...

don't you worry bekah!! i brought over a ton of lean cuisine.... you could totally live off lean cuisine!! haha

and i'm bringing over more wine... we're covered!

Nicole said...

Food stamps anyone? You could come here for dinner but that would take gas. How about I mail it to you:)

Vanessa said...

I've been in pretty tight financial situations before and for food my answer was always, pot pies and making a huge pot of spaghetti sauce. The spaghetti sauce with pasta is a good but very cheap option.

Anonymous said...

Oh the hmanity! You had to cook.

I'm so sorry. I really hope your situation improves and that you'll be feasting on filet mignon soon.



Lizzie M. said...

Isn't creativity exciting???