Friday, October 3, 2008

Dear George Bush…

Yesterday I had an appointment to get my teeth cleaned.

Hmm. Cleaning my teeth. Should take 20 – 30 minutes right?

Ha! You obviously don’t use my dentist.

Arrival time: 2:50PM
Departure time: 5:42PM

Sure I’m not employed and you’d think I had nothing better to do than sit and watch Judge Judy on my DVR but I actually USE my time looking for a job.

3 HOURS of which I lost yesterday to an ice cold waiting room filled with screaming children – and we all know how much I adore children… or not.

THEN, I received a letter from my attorney. I had to spend over 2 hours filling out their packet of information. What information? Every bit of information down to what grammar school I attended.

Who knows? It might be applicable. They may need to call some of my homies from first grade to ask if I favored the seesaw or the monkey bars.

Let’s see… lawsuit, dentist, unemployment.

Dear President Bush,

I have a new definition for the ‘Axis of Evil’.




Anonymous said...

LOL. Well I sure hope you stated that you prefer the seesaw over the monkey bars. If the lawyers were to hear monkey bars...well... that could just get you sent up the river.

I kid you not!


Nicole said...

You are just selling your self hard aren't you? Man, only a few of us could have as much fun as you're having right now!

Vanessa said...

An appropriate axis of evil if I ever saw one. It will get better, it has to right?

Lizzie M. said...

I just spent two hours having a physical today (I only actually saw the doctor for two minutes). I'm with you!

Btrony said...

See this is why i have to become a dentist so you can come to me and you can cut the line!! :)