Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just when you think no one is looking…

Someone is.

The ‘Big Box’ store has decided to cut hours and lay off most of the temporary/seasonal employees. Since I’m a newbie/temporary/seasonal employee, my number was up first

Just what I need right?


Someone noticed my work ethic.

That ‘someone’ was a store manager. In an effort to save me from a layoff, she transferred me to another department and rather than cut my hours… she gave me a full time plus overtime 6 day shift.

I guess mom and dad were right when they said… Work like someone is always watching.

Well… it was either my work ethic or… maybe the manager was tired of me drawing crowds at the cart corral?

It’s a total bummer because I just mastered my running/cartwheel/back flip routine.

Take that Mary Lou Retton.

They are transferring me to foods. So… uh… if you find a hair in your bread…

It TOTALLY wasn’t me.

…Even if it’s red… and even if I’m the only redhead in the whole department….

It still wasn’t me.

Oh, and I have an interview with the transit peeps on Monday. I was excited… until they told me how many applications they received and how many people they are interviewing. Let’s just say…

My odds aren’t good…

Unless of course…

They’ve seen my cart routine. If so, the job is in the bag.


Nicole said...

You in the food service? They must know you were an A student at culinary school:) Hey,it'll be morecooking then you've done in your life!!

Anonymous said...


I looked like Mary Lou Retton and was very into gynastics AS A KID.

sigh...what the heck happened.