Monday, October 27, 2008

I know! It’s been a while…

But I’ve been working two jobs and job hunting at the same time. Plus I’ve been working on something writing related… I hope to be able to share the news but as per my rule, I’ll share only if the news is good.

Fingers crossed.


The Monday interview went as well as it could despite the circumstances. What are the circumstances?


They offered me a job 5 months ago and I turned them down.

That tends to leave a lasting impression… and not a good one.

I did learn a few things:

1 – I don’t turn into a tomato anymore.
Kind of a bummer. That was my ‘thing’.

2 – I still sweat.
Ugh. That’s nasty. I’d rather that NOT be my ‘thing’.

3 – I should probably have avoided using the words… ‘I’m obsessed with your company’
It’s true. I love them. I just… maybe shouldn’t have told them how much.

I had another interview Friday… but I’ll have to talk about that later. I’m still a little hot under the collar about it.

We’re still paying bills timely so of course…

I’m smiling today.


Nicole said...

Is that desperation I smell? Haha, just joking:) Don't you know you're only supposed to sweat while exercising?

Beks said...

Exercising? What's that?