Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10 Facts about me...

I was tagged by Ashmystir to share 10 weird, random facts, habits, goals, what have ya, about me… so here they are.

1. I trained in kickboxing from an Olympic Trainer. I didn’t realize no one knew about my kickboxing until talking to our favorite Brewmaster at SeaWorld who is a boxer. I asked him if he bled between his knuckles like I did to which Casey responded… ‘You kickboxed?!?!’ then Beth followed it with, ‘Lets go to a dark alley. I wanna see you fight.’

2. I hate my hair. Always have, always will. When people say, ‘Your hair looks pretty!’ (It’s a rare compliment but it happens… when people forget their glasses or contacts) I refrain from saying, ‘It took me 6 hours to get it this way.’

3. My workout tunes haven’t changed since I was 18. Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake still fill my iPod. When someone asks what I’m listening to, I lie and say Death Cab for a Cutie or Gun’s and Roses. I don’t listen to either but I’d die if anyone heard the 5th repeat of ‘Oops I did it again’ blaring from my earbuds.

4. I hate tip jars. Especially tip jars at fast food places where I go to the counter, order the food, fill up my soda, and pick up the bag when it’s ready. I don’t tip McDonald’s so I’m certainly not tipping the Berto’s Mexican Food shops or Starbucks for *gasp* doing their job. And yes Mz. Barista, I notice the look of disgust on your face when I put the change in my wallet instead of your ‘College Fund’. We all know it’s actually a beer fund.

5. God didn’t give me particularly great hair, slim hips, a stunning personality, or a tall stature but He did give me fantastic eyelashes. They are borderline freakish. The tips of my eyelashes hit my eyebrows and sometimes, I pull the mascara off the ends to make them look shorter.

6. My dream job would be travel writing. Combining my two favorite things – traveling and writing – would be heavenly but I can’t find anyone looking for an obnoxiously sarcastic, silly writer who struggles with motion sickness and is mortified of open water and strange places.

7. I wish I were a little more ethnic – that way I could have better descriptions of my physical characteristics. J.Lo’s butt is ‘Bootylicious’. Diana Ross’ hair is ‘natural’. But since I’m as white as they come, I’m just fat and frizzy.

8. I have my very own stalker. There is a girl who is interested in my brother and in her obsession, follows everything I write to check on him and his life. Even though I changed my BLOG address, she probably found this one. She’s very resourceful. Hi Jenn.

9. I read the all books on the New York Times Bestsellers list. No, I don’t read them because I want to, I read them because I want to appear ‘hip’ on the off chance that someone wants to know the plot line of ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns.’

10. I hallucinate when I’m tired. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I see things in our room. Examples: Horses, trees, couches, the Keebler Elves… I have to stop myself, focus, and say, ‘This isn’t real’. If someone broke into our house, chances are I’d stare at him, convince myself I was hallucinating, and go back to sleep while he pilfered through our drawers and stole all our cash – all 97 cents that is. Oh well, it would probably just be an angry Barista coming for his tip money or Jenn demanding to know where my brother is.

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Anonymous said...

I would KILL for your gorgeous hair but can't now because you'd kick my ass with your mad kickboxing skills.

I totally have a bunch of 80s music on my ipod.

Stalker? Not me I swear!!!

Thanks for playing along. Love the post.

Vanessa said...

I read *most* of the books on the NYT Bestsellers list. Then I go to the bookstore and marvel at how much of what's on display is on my bookshelves!