Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rebekah who!?!?

I got a phone call today. A phone call from the college I interviewed at yesterday. Considering the call came so quickly on the heels of my interview I naturally assumed they were calling to say, ‘Sorry, you are an idiot.’

But instead...

‘Hello, I’m calling to inform you that you are one of our top candidates for the position you interviewed for! You are now progressing to round two of our process and we will be checking your references. If your references pass, we will be calling you for another interview. Congratulations!’ The lady said warmly.

‘I understand, I didn’t get the job. Thank you for your time… wait… what’d you say? I mean… uh… of course I’m the top candidate, thank you.’ I stumble and hang up before something else stupid comes out of my mouth.

OK. So I have three options here.

1.) I was the only person who applied for the position and it was between me and the Dean’s 10 year old son – a close race but he turned it down because of conflicts with soccer practice.

2.) They called the wrong Rebekah.


3.) The committee was so entertained by my tomato impression they would like an encore performance.

I guess I should have been more discerning in my choice of references. Perhaps:

My nice mail lady
The liquor store owner
The guy who makes killer tacos at Cotijas

Weren’t the best choices for references.

Regardless, I feel like Sally Fields right now.

‘You like me, you really really like me.’

Which makes me think of James the Bames. He does a killer Sally Fields impression.

Can’t. Stop. Snickering.

Duuuuude. You really should have gone into voiceovers.


Lizzie M. said...

Round two, once again gotta love these government jobs. Randy has to go through that crazy process just for a promotion with people that already know his qualifications!!

Ashmystir said...

YAY! Glad you got a call back. I guess you didn't turn tomato or have your 1/2 layer of foundation slide down your chest after all.

I really really like Sally Fields!
She rocked as Gidget and in Smoky and the Bandit.


Lisa C Magnus said...

Bek's I am hoping all that self doubt is just for laughs, otherwise girl you and I need to have a serious talk :). Thank God you didn't get that last job, it was not the place for you.No suprise here you are one of the top candidates.Love ya.

Btrony said...

Oh my gosh Bekah! that is so awesome. Congratulations!

So we're gonna go adn celebrate right?! and don't you worry about your references... we can go and schmooze with the liquor store owner i know him pretty well since i am a frequent there!1 hahaha.

good stuff girl!

Nicole said...

Your a Hays! And that's all I have to say about that:)

JD said...

Good job cuz! your having better luck then your cuz here in Oregon, the min I mention I am going to be a State Trooper soon, the person interviewing me starts drafting the rejection email/call in his/her head.