Thursday, July 17, 2008

Everything but the kitchen sink… wait…

Lindsey and I went to look at houses last night. Lindsey and John-E are buying a house and it’s really a special time… for me anyway.

I remember the miserable awful experience all too well and enjoy seeing others live through it.

Hey. I never denied being a mean person.

John was working so Lindsey and I went to scope out some hot new pads. The first place was beautiful… but too expensive. The second place didn’t warrant getting out of the car… something about a flood plain and the probability of a 100 year flood. The third place was gorgeous and in the right price range… but is only about 10 minutes from Chris and my house – a very good reason not to buy it. I can just imagine me saying, ‘Hi guys! Welcome home! I hope you don’t mind us using your kitchen. Ours was dirty.’ The fourth place was the result of a dispute between the mortgage bank and the owner… a guy who truly believed Home Depot’s motto ‘You can do it, we can help’ but… uh… he couldn’t do it… and it’s obvious Home Depot didn’t help.

I would say he took everything but the kitchen sink but… he took the kitchen sink. He also took the countertops, the cabinet doors, the floor tiles, the toilet seats, chunks of the ceiling…

You get it.

On a positive note, it had the biggest yard I’d ever seen and the interior was equipped with fire sprinklers.

I guess that rules me out for cooking over there.

In all honesty, I wish John and Lindsey the best of luck. When they do eventually find their dream home, Chris will be over to help with any construction or moving needs and I’ll… I’ll… uhhhhh… watch.


Nicole said...

I am so glad those days are long gone:)

Lizzie M. said...

Oh, the fun of searching!

Ashmystir said...

Home Depot helps? I can't ever find an employee in the store when I have trouble finding something.

Motto should "Home Depot, Good luck!"