Monday, July 28, 2008

I’ve missed you.

Chris and I got home from our Tahoe trip Saturday night/Sunday morning. I ‘BLOGged’ into a paper journal for the week and I’ll transfer them to Blogger this week.

Insanity breeds good blogging material.

I returned to 768 e-mails. If no one else, at least the spammers missed me.


I’m not blogging about Tahoe today. Two very special items need to be addressed first.

#1 – Nicole got older.

As a younger sister, I enjoy reminding her.

Colegate, thank you for giving me stories that no one believes.

‘Your sIster used to sit on you? Why?!?’

‘Well, her weight was her onLy weapOn.’


‘She used to crack your knuckles? You’Ve got to be kidding mE

Yeah, she heard it made yOur knuckles bigger and she didn’t want hers bigger but she liked the popping sound so she sat on us and cracked ours’


‘She works out everyday for hoUrs?!?’

‘No. She doesn’t work out on Sunday but I think that’s only on doctors orders’

None of us sisters are big on expressing affection but if you read between the lines, it’s in all our stories about each other.

Sorry I was gone for your birthday. I hope it was fabulous.

#2 – Beth and Zach got engaged last night.

They’re getting hitched! Here are some photos from the party.

Good thing she said yes, otherwise, this cake may have been a bit akward. Props to Zachs mom for making it!

We all waited for the limo to arrive.

The beautiful bride to be on the phone with her father.

The guys played rock-paper-scissors to see who'd be up for engagement next.

The girls swarmed Beth in a hug.

The rock. And trust me. It's a rock.
Congrats Beth! I'm so happy for you!!!


Nicole said...

Thank you! Glad to know all that torture didn't scar you for life:)
Congrats to Beth and Zach, it's about freakin' time!!!

Vanessa said...

What a fantastic weekend! Congrats to everyone, engagements, birthdays!

Ashmystir said...

YAY on the engagement and fun weekend. You were missed.

Nicole? She sat on you and shaved your legs right? That still cracks me up.

Awwwwww!I figured out the coded message. Nice job Agent 99. lol.


Btrony said...

love the pictures... that beth girl is pretty lucky and even luckier is that Zach character!

don't tell beth but he's pretty cute!! ;)

Lizzie M. said...

Congrats to them!!