Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Saturday!

A hearty congrats to Colegate whose Fitness blog (yes, this is a shameless plug for her blog. Read it.) attracted the attention of a book publisher. She is going to receive an advanced copy of a fitness book as a sign of their appreciation for her previous good reviews.


All I ever got for my blog was 100 bucks… and I had to ask for it.

Dear Stouffers, Hostess, Target, Performance Bike, Cover girl, the makers of padded bike shorts, Jennifer Lopez, Hilbertos, & SeaWorld,

Where is my free stuff?!?!

Thursday, Mom, Pops, Casey, Mike-E, Lindsey, John-E, Chris, and I went downtown to have dinner at the Field and then to see The Phantom of the Opera. Dinner was great – especially since Mike paid. Free stuff is ALWAYS better. Phantom was good, a little different than usual but still good.

I think I too often forget that time spent with the fam is the most fun I have. Dad drove the suburban so all 8 of us piled in for the ride. Not 10 minutes into the trek, John and Mike started launching into the intercessional Hail Mary prayer (dad tends to drive a little ‘aggressive’) and maybe it would have helped… if we were Catholic. We arrived and returned safely… but not without a lot of laughter.

I’m going to be out next week. I have a bit of an unexpected trip up to Northern Cali. Hubby’s fam is getting together for a reunion. Speaking of necessities for Hail Mary’s…or Bloody Mary’s… or both…


Btrony said...

Oh beks... i'm gonna miss you and i'm sorry!

Just remember when you come home you have a fun trip to sea world waitin for you!! we can celebrate together... me being done with my test and you being... HOME!! :) love ya

Nicole said...

Thanks for the plug:) Yes, it's nice to be noticed!!! I wish I could have come on the car adventure but I think I'll pass even if it is for Phantom.

Vanessa said...

What a fabulous opportunity for your friend! I think so many bloggers want to be discovered this way.

Paula said...

Bragging about Phantom and all that is not's down right indecent! ...punk!

sewcreative said...

Yes dear, I always look at those times of driving with your dad as times of reflection, is my will in order, do my children know that I love them, when they bury me in one piece, will my house be found clean, will my grandchildren remember me, did I make a difference for Christ? Why do you think I know the Bible far better than any of you........I live on the edge every time I get in the car. Pray for me.

Your loving mom