Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!!!...

All of us kids went up to mom and pop’s on Sunday (with the exception of those who live more than 9 hours away). Since John and Mike are on different shifts in the fire service, getting them both in the same place at the same time is a rare treat.

After dinner we had a hankering to play Taboo and asked mom if she owned it. She disappeared upstairs and a few minutes later we heard a loud thump in the room directly above us.

All conversation stopped.

Casey asked what the thump was and Mike, ever so caringly responded, ‘Mom probably fell.’


‘Aren’t you going to check on her?!?!’ Casey asked.

‘Eh. If she doesn’t come downstairs in 5 minutes or so, I’ll go check’ he said with a sideways smile.

Isn’t he….


It reminds me of the time when mom reached into the fridge to grab a bite of cantaloupe and it lodged sideways in her throat. Not wanting to see ‘Cause of Death: Cantaloupe’ on her death certificate, she signaled to Paula, who had just entered the kitchen. She made the ‘I’m choking’ gesture with her hands to her throat and assumed Paula would save her. Instead, Paula overlooked her, walked around her, reached in the open refrigerator, grabbed some food, and walked out. Mom had to eventually perform the Heimlich maneuver on herself.

Paula swears she didn’t notice – we still aren’t sure if mom ever forgave her.

I pretty sure my mother doesn’t fear dying and going unnoticed for weeks, I think she fears dying in the presence of her ‘thoughtful’ and ‘attentive’ children and who don’t detect she has expired until the timer runs out during her turn for Taboo.

Officer: ‘When was the last time you noticed your mother alive?’

Us Kids: ‘Three turns ago while we were playing hand and foot… or er uh… I think she was alive then. Did we skip her turn guys?’

OK, so we aren’t THAT unaware. We did notice when she eventually came back downstairs…

We were trying to light a piece of wood on fire on the dining room table and we heard her say...


She was totally OK by the way… but her chair… uh…

Not so much.

Love you mom.


Ashmystir said...

Poor mom...

What would she do with out you guys? =)


ps. you've been tagged on my blog. It's easy. Good luck.

Nicole said...

Hey, at least Mike offered to go look in on her after a reasonable amount of time:) I mean come on, it was an intense game!

sewcreative said...

ah....mom here. I keep trying to convince myself that all of you will miss me when I'm gone but I fear you will just skip my turn and keep on playing life without me!! You might want to keep in mind that I WILL be in heaven and be watching EVERYTHING. NOTHING will be hidden. I relish the thought. ;-) Just thought you would like to know. It may be to your advantage to take better care of me now.

Love to all, mom

Paula said...

I'd like to set the record straight!!! We were at Gram's house and I wasn't even IN the kitchen. I was walking PAST the kitchen and didn't notice her flailing arms!Check the facts before posting them for all the world to see! Geez. Way to make me look like a complete gomer...thanks Becks! ;P