Friday, April 25, 2008

MEDIC!! I NEED A MEDIC!! – and a Flashback Friday…

I’ve been feeling quite sick for the last 4 days and I haven’t been able to eat much. Just the thought of food – heck, the thought of water - makes my stomach turn. The intense nausea has kept me awake the last two nights.

I knew things were severe when I drove to Taco Bell for dinner last night and nothing looked good.

Taco Bell?

My home planet?

Didn’t look good??!??!!

To make matters worse (and bring out the total hypochondriac in me), San Diego is having an outbreak of Hepatitis A apparently stemming from a Chipotle Restaurant in La Mesa.

Hepatitis A symptoms are:
Fatigue, Fever, Abdominal pain, Nausea, Diarrhea, Appetite loss, Depression, Jaundice, Sharp abdominal pains, and Weight loss

I don’t have all the symptoms but I have my fingers crossed about the last one.

OK, so technically I didn’t go to that Chipotle in the timeframe everyone contracted the disease but hubby darling did and we all know he’s a carrier monkey.

And yes, technically there is a stomach flu going around.

And yes, technically I personally know and was in contact with someone who has the stomach flu but…

What good is my hypochondria if not used?!?

I talked to Colegate last night and she thinks I have the stomach flu. When I said I haven’t been able to eat for the last few days, she asked if I wouldn’t mind coming over and sharing the flu bug with her.

She’s hoping to lose 5 pounds.

Which brings me to today’s Flashback Friday…

Our sister Paul-The lived in Australia for a couple years and was a member of a band that traveled the world. On one of their tours, she traveled to India. By the time she returned to Australia, she had lost weight. She ate all she wanted but for the life of her, couldn’t keep any weight on.

It turned out, she had contracted an intestinal worm. Sure she was ‘sick’ and the worm was labeled as ‘dangerous’ or whatever, but easy weight loss??!! Colegate and I practically tripped over each other running for the phone to book a flight to New Delhi.

After a month or so, Paula was finally able to get rid of the worm with some sort of weird intense diet but Cole and I were mad.

She was lucky enough to get an intestinal worm and she killed it?!?!?

What was she thinking?!!???!?!

So Cole. I hear flights to India are cheap now. Wanna go?


Btrony said...

If you do go over there think you could somehow bring me back one of those intestinal worms too??? I'll pay you for it!

Beks said...

I'll bring back a few!

Ashmystir said...

I'll go with you but can the worms be inserted in my ass? I need to lose 5lbs from each cheek. =)

Nicole said...

I'm right behind you!! Hey, maybe we could just go bum one off a foreigner, there's a thought:0

Lizzie M. said...

I'd still be banking on the Hepatitis A, you know what a crazy hypo I am :-).

Paula said thanks for memories, btw!!