Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Optimism... I rock at it!

In an effort to save my employer’s company short term, all the employees have agreed to take a significant pay reduction – myself included. We have all also agreed to work for 4 more weeks at this rate and if nothing changes, leave the company. My pessimistic self was just shy of wigging out when I decided that I MUST be more optimistic to save my sanity. On my drive home last night, I came up with…

My Top 5 Reasons Why Working for Peanuts is Totally and Completely Awesome

#1) For once in my life, I’m not all that concerned about a purse snatching. The days of cold hard cash in my wallet are long gone. If a thief can profit off my wallet containing only a Costco card, a snotty tissue, and a pair of tweezers… more power to him.

#2) Chris and I get to try ‘experimental’ cuisine!

The old me used to take grocery lists to the store with items like: Chicken, fresh herbs, fruit, green salad…

Now my list reads: Anything on sale.

If anyone knows a good recipe for pigs intestine, Safeway brand peanut butter, and Ragu pasta sauce, please pass it my way.

Oh, and we have Ramen Noodles. Lots and lots of Ramen Noodles.

#3) When solicitors come to my door peddling everything from magazine subscriptions to pest control, I can say, ‘We can’t afford it at this time’ and for the first time, it isn’t a bold faced lie.

I would say, ‘When solicitors call our phone…’ but I’m not exactly sure how long we’ll have a phone so…

#4) I finally have a sense of value. I value everything I have worked for….

And I think about how much I could get for it on EBay.

If Chris comes home tonight and all the furniture is gone…

I didn’t auction it off, we were robbed. Or at least, that’s my story.

#5) Chris and I are forming a tighter bond in our marriage. No, we aren’t ‘holding on to each other during these trying times’ or whatever romantic notion you have, we simply have to cancel our 749 channels of HD cable and drop it to the 2 channels receivable by bunny ears. Since neither of us are fans of the Public Broadcasting Telethon nor the 50,000th re-run of Everybody Loves Raymond, we are forced to…


After 15 seconds of that garbage, we warm up the Nintendo and shoot the crud out of each other in Contra.

Bonding I tell you, Bonding.

Hmm. Maybe this optimism thing isn’t so bad.


sewcreative said...

Hey! Since dad is receiving NO paycheck, I've decided that we should make our way over to your house for our meals. I just LOVE pig intestines and I can bring canned, diced tomatoes from my pantry to go with it. And Top Ramen, why that is one of my all time favorites. Just think of the things we can make by combining all of the stuff we have in our two pantries... It's simply awesome!! Say did you end up bringing that left over $2.00 taco home? We can share it. This causes deep reflection doesn't it? Or at least that is what I keep telling myself. :-)

Love, mom

Lizzie M. said...

Ahhhhh, Ramen nooodles, goota love 'em!!

Lisa C Magnus said...

Man you guy's are sounding great out there, I'm going to have sendyou a lobster gram or something. Bek's I also know of a cheap Blockbuster located just outside of Alpine, that may even have delivery service to your office. All for free. Check it out.:)

Ashmystir said...

The hubby and I will be 'bonding' when the KSC Shuttle program ends and he faces possible a lay off in a few years.

I better stock up on Ramen!


Nicole said...

You could always go to the local soup kitchen and you would actually have the right to eat there:)