Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I’ve had it with Amazon!

I went on yesterday to purchase a bag for my bike. I’d like to take my cell phone and an emergency tire kit with me when I ride.

I logged in, looked around for a minute and decided on a cute $6 black bag. Easy right? Except has an awful feature that says, ‘Customers who bought this item also purchased these items’ and then displays pictures of the items.

…A Bicycle Cable Lock

Uh, I guess I need that. I don’t want my bike stolen. And I stuck it in my online cart.

…A Planet Blinky Light Set

Well, if I bike near dusk, I need to be safe. Sure, I need that too. In the cart it goes.

… A Schwinn Bike Computer

I really need to know many calories I’ve burned, the speed I’m traveling at, the distance I’ve gone, and the temperature in Singapore.

… A StowAway Bicycle Seat Bag

One in front is nice but two is always better

…A 115 Decibel Bike Airhorn

My greatest goal in life is to burn out a horn in my car and now Amazon is telling me that I can be just as obnoxious, annoying, and horn crazy on a bike? I am soooo disappointed with myself. Had I looked into this earlier, I would have started biking YEARS ago.

I kept clicking and Amazon kept suggesting items I simply couldn’t live without. Given enough time, the front of my bike would look like the cockpit on a 747.

Then Amazon said, ‘Customers who purchased your item also purchased… a bike motor.’

Well yeah! That’s because we now have 75 extra pounds of accessories! How else are we supposed to get around?

Frustrated, I clicked ‘Checkout’

Let’s see. Bike $150. Accessories $285.

Realizing I had approached dangerous territory for my Visa… I deleted the cart.

I’m hanging a grocery bag from my handles.


Anonymous said...

Accessories: $285

Maxing out credit card: Priceless!

Amazon is ADDICTIVE! Just look at my bank statement. lol.

Vanessa said...

You make me laugh! Amazon has done a very bad thing with that feature.

Nicole said...

Accessories: $285
Safety: Priceless!

Think about it, it makes sense:)