Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ohhh brothers…

I’ve got three brothers. Three brothers who spent their lives embarrassing me. Well, James doesn’t count. I think I embarrassed him WAY more than he embarrassed me.

Like the time James bought me a Strawberry Daiquiri at Dick’s Last Resort for my 21st birthday.

I asked the server to take it back because it was too strong.

The server ripped it out of my hands, drank a sip, slammed it back on the table, said ‘No it’s not’, and then promptly walked away.

I listened as James told everyone he was my ‘Handler’ and was paid to watch me.

OK, so maybe it was only John and Mike who embarrassed me – and I thought it would stop when they were older.

I was wrong.

Yesterday I washed all my…unmentionables. I usually set them on my bed to dry under the ceiling fan but I was in the middle of making my bed so I set them across my desk (makes you think twice before asking to use my internet doesn’t it?). I guess that would have been fine… if Mike hadn’t come home… and used the internet…with one of his friends.

Mike simply picked up the stack and moved them onto my bed – and no, he didn’t attempt to cover them up but he assured me his friend didn’t notice them.

Sure his little buddy didn’t notice the stack of 20 or so girlie underoos.

Dude, it’s kinda hard to miss the florescent pink polka dots.

I guess I could have recovered but we all went to the Padre game last night and Mike brought his little friend along. All I could think was, ‘That guy has a pretty good idea of what I’m wearing. Eww!’

I guess I can be grateful; after all, it wasn’t my ‘other’ underwear. I’ve got some undergarments that make Granny Panties look risqué.

Thanks mom, those Christmas gifts are fantastic by the way.

Padres lost last night. Surprise. Riiiight. But San Diego has a beautiful ballpark and it’s always a fun place to be win, or… lose frequently.

Stupid Cubs.

Also, we played Quelf for the first time this weekend. All I have to say is, if you want to play the weirdest game of your life, play Quelf.

An example of the tasks?

Casey did a rain dance, Kelli had to build a fort with blankets, Mike had to clap three times and say ‘Abracadra’ each turn, I had to say ‘Word’ when I agreed with someone, Chris had to wear the game box under his shirt and shuffle his feet, Beth had to be the game waitress and serve everyone, and Zach had to get tickled.


Vanessa said...

It sounds like overall you've had some fun times with your brothers. Great memories in the making!

Anonymous said...

Yep...leave it to the bros to
em-BARE-ASS you. LOL.

Glad you had fun!


Lisa C Magnus said...

What is Mikes thinking, guy's always notice girls undies. At least the Padres won last night. Life can get a little rough around my house when the cubs win. At least Josh is on the Padres side.

Nicole said...

Looks like fun, except for the undie part:) Tell me you got a soft serve while at the game. Those are so big and yummy:)~

Lizzie M. said...

Looks fun....not the underwears part :-)!