Monday, June 30, 2008

Yes, the fragrance is… lovely…

I bought a new deodorant by Lady Speed Stick called Orchard Blossom. I had a coupon so I figured I’d live life on the edge and try something different than my usual Baby Powder.

I put the stuff on the other day and immediately noticed it made me smell like a life size green apple Jolly Rancher.

I like to eat Jolly Ranchers… not smell like them.

Chris comes in to give me a hug and says, ‘You smell really good!’

Uh. Thanks?

The rest of the day everyone kept telling me how lovely I smelled which sounds nice but instead actually presented a very big problem…


I can either say, ‘Why yes, I do smell lovely. What perfume? It’s Eau De Pit’ in my best French accent or I can just throw the darn thing away and buy a new baby powder deodorant.

So much for my life on the wild side.

I am TOTALLY excited about tomorrow. Chris and I are going to the San Diego Fair on… Taste of the Fair Tuesday. Vendors, who usually charge $8 for a 3 oz. glass of ice water, take a break from the price hikes and offer special $2 tasters on Tuesdays. Below is a listing of what I’m trying.

Yes. I know that list is every vendor in the fair but… it’s only once a year. I can eat what I want right? Kinda like how I eat on, Christmas and Easter and Thanksgiving and Labor Day and Groundhog Day and New Years Day and Veterans Day and Flag Day and the Queens Birthday and Kwanza and … maybe it’d be faster to name days I don’t celebrate with unhealthy amounts of food.

I’m going prepared. I’ll have more dollar bills in my pocket than a stripper in Las Vegas.


Btrony said...

so i'll definitely see you at the gym on friday morning then right? lol.

i'm so jealous i have to work, that sounds heavenly! Oh and look for zach he'll be working tomorrow from whenever the fair opens til 430!!

Anonymous said...

Green Apple Jolly Ranchers are my fave so you're fine with me.

ha. ha.

Have fun is San Diego.


Nicole said...

Just tell people it's the new Pepe Le Pew scent:) Have fun at the fair ! I'm jealous!!

sewcreative said...

I LOVED the fair, but it was definitely NOT vendor day. Marcy and had our usual deep fried artichoke hearts, but we did not go for the deep fried ding dongs, twinkies, hamburgers, zucchini, snicker bars or coke. How they deep fry all of that is beyond me. How one eats it is another story. I mean really...... deep fried coke???? And you wouldn't have believed all of the people eating the deep fried burgers along with their fries and/or deep fried curled zucchini. YUCK!!!!! I felt the fat just crawling on me looking at it all. So..... what did you try?

Love always, mom

Vanessa said...

The fair sounds like fun! The deo? I just use a crystal rock, its the best, me thinks!

Lizzie M. said...

Sounds fun!

I am for sure going to try that deo...