Monday, June 16, 2008

Temecula… bed bug country…

Chris and I attended a wedding in Temecula this weekend. I like Temecula… wait… I LOVE Temecula… in the Winter, Spring, and Fall. Temecula in the summer is another story.

I pay an exorbitant cost of living to reside in San Diego because 11 ½ months of the year, the weather hovers at 72 degrees with puffy white clouded skies.

Hello?!??! I melt like a cheap Hershey bar when the mercury crosses 80.

You can imagine my *excitement* at the prospect of sitting at an outdoor wedding… in the desert… in June.

Since Temecula is an hour and a half North, Chris asked if I could find an inexpensive hotel room so we could stay overnight. Thank you Chris’ friends for getting married on a) a holiday weekend, b) a Temecula wine celebration weekend, and c) the weekend of the US Open. The closest non-booked hotel room under $400 a night was in Mississippi.

I searched for hours and found surprisingly (or not surprisingly) the only open room under $100… at the Motel 6. As you probably remember from the apparent blood stained mattress I slept on in Santa Rosa, I’m not exactly what others would call ‘high class.’ Sure I’d like to stay at the Ritz in every city but I enjoy paying my bills in a timely fashion so I stay where I can afford.

I checked the reviews for the place in my travel bible, from which I bring you this fabulous story:

We stayed one night at this hotel and woke up at 4am to loud thumping music above our room. We turned on the lights to call the manager and as soon as the lights came on we saw reddish brown bugs crawling across the sheets!!!! aggghhhhh... we jumped out of bed and saw more on the pillow cases and on top of the comforters......infested!! I jumped in the shower and my husband continued to search and he also found a tick and some other kind of bugs crawling around on the other bed!!!!! About 10 days later my arms are covered in bites and I keep hoping we didn't bring anything home with us!!!

Rather than cancel the reservation… I packed a thick blanket to sleep on.

My only goal was to escape the motel free from head lice and any sort of flesh eating disease. Lack of bed bugs would have simply been icing on the cake.

When we arrived at the place we were greeted by a Ford Mustang with stickers advertising Pole Dancing Lessons. Upon entering our smoke flavored 'non-smoking' room, I stumbled upon an ashtray with a no-smoking sign on it. And we stayed anyway. I’m a little itchy today….

The wedding was fabulous, hot, but fabulous.

Congrats to the bride and groom. You guys were absolutely beautiful.


Btrony said...

Beks you look hot!! Sexy sexy!!

and i have no idea how you stayed at that hotel... I don't think i would have gotten any sleep at all!

Ashmystir said...

Btrony is right!

You look HAWT and I'm not saying that because it's 80 degrees out. =)

Yikes on the bed bugs thing. Hubby always checks sheets before we even unpack. Good thing he looks out for us.


Lizzie M. said...

You are one brave cookie.

Nicole said...

I was more than happy to be at my comfy home sipping Margaritas while you went on your "Desert Adventure":}