Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What planet are you from?!?!?

Chris and I won tickets for a preview showing of the new Hulk movie…but before describing that experience, I find it necessary to mention three things.

1.) Because of the high cost of housing, San Diego is densely populated by the ‘Intensely creative/experimental/artistic 30 year old who still lives with his or her mother’ crowd.

2.) They were all at last night’s showing.


3.) This BLOG is not in any way intended to insult the Comic-Con fans… I understand I am not at the pinnacle of coolness – after all, I do own and regularly use my library card and up until last year, I lived with my mother.

Chris left me in the movie line while he ran off to find us some dinner.

The guys behind me were involved in a heated discussion about Liv Tyler’s first movie role. The loudest of the group kept accidentally poking me with the disheveled items protruding from his fanny pack… or at least that’s what I hope was poking me with…

It wasn’t until halfway through their debate about how many times you can use the words, San Diego Comic-Con, in a sentence before it becomes grammatically incorrect that I realized…

I had to write this entertaining conversation down.

So I pulled out a pen and paper and discretely began taking notes.

Among my favorites…

They referred to the Lord of the Rings 62 times. Seriously, I started getting writers cramp from making the hash marks.

They argued that the laws of physics shouldn’t be broken in a movie unless it’s somewhat believable… like ‘the force’. The Force is believable?!?!?

They ‘did a little Wikipedia research’ about Ed Norton before coming to the show. Who knew he spoke Japanese?

They played a round robin game of movie trivia. Most of the answers I didn’t know… and I’m an honor grad… with a Bachelor’s in Film. Shoot.

And, they all met in an online gaming chat room. Uhhh.

As Chris arrived with our pizza, I stashed the notes in my purse before he could catch me red handedly being nosy, and I happily ate the greasy goodness. While he ate, he stared off into the distance and I realized he was as fascinated with the crowd as I was. Suddenly he asked, ‘Would you like me to hold your pizza while you get your pen?’

‘For what?’ I asked.

‘To take notes for your BLOG’ he said seriously.

I am too predictable.


Vanessa said...

How sweet! It sounds like he knows you well. My significant other just tells me to try and remember.

Btrony said...

I can't believe Chris knew you would take notes for your blog?! that's absolutely .... AWESOME! :)

Oh and by the way.. I like this being half roomies thing. See ya tomorrow ;)

Anonymous said...



Lizzie M. said...

That is just cracking me up!!!!