Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I’ve finally made it big…

When I was younger, my mother decided it would be best if I took piano lessons. I’m still not entirely sure whether this was an effort to make me become more of a lady or more musically minded or an excuse to keep the 100 year old piano in the dining room that mom loved and pops hated.

I took piano lessons for over 5 years and I can’t say I was fantastic at it despite the fact that my instructor was a highly esteemed Julliard School of Music graduate. Yeah, I tell people that I played before a crowd of hundreds at a local mall but I conveniently leave out the fact that I included everyone inside the stores… and everyone walking on the street within a 10 block radius in my estimation of ‘hundreds’. And sure, the mall didn’t exactly pay me for my 'beautiful' music making… technically my instructor PAID the mall to let me and a few other students to play there… and I’m pretty sure she paid a few people to look vaguely interested and clap at the conclusion of each song. My mom came to watch but Macy’s was having a sale so…yeah. Mom was at Macy’s.


She was at Coldstone… with earplugs.


After all the years and after all the hours of practice, those lessons are beginning to pay off!


…on the Xbox 360 game system.

The game is called ‘Rock Band’ and you play it by strumming little guitars, beating plastic drums, and singing *on key* into a microphone (sorry mom, Keira & Lizzy say you can’t sing). Mike bought the game on Friday and I haven’t been able to stop playing since! And neither can anyone else… we kinda spent the weekend playing the game…

I play the drums and I’m pretty good if I do say so myself. OK, so my fellow band mates aren’t full of words of admiration. I haven’t heard, ‘Great job!’ or ‘Amazing!’ yet. I hear more, ‘Hey, could you sit out this song?’ ‘Your rhythm is messing me up.’ ‘I can’t concentrate.’ ‘It’s not that you’re bad, you’re just… just… uh… very special at playing to your own beat.’

Did you guys hear that?!?!

I’m special.

The unfortunate part about the game is that it tells you the percentage of beats or notes you hit accurately. I’m trying to break my all time record of 26% but it’s a little difficult when Chris and Mike keep putting the drumsticks in ‘special storage spots’ and forgetting to tell me where they are. I search for hours and eventually find the drumsticks in the freezer, the attic storage space in the garage, buried in the garden… I guess it’s important to keep them in a cool dry place? But how do they expect me to play in their band if they keep…



Nicole said...

I think I'll stick with being an audience member:) Casey is hilarious when she sings and plays. She's actually a pretty good singer!

Btrony said...

hahahha... oh you lie!! you know you kick butt at teh drums. you're better then chris!!

Anonymous said...

I can not even carry a tune in a suitcase but will love to watch you rock the house.