Saturday, August 2, 2008

There were some good parts...

Chris and I escaped the house a few times to see the beautiful sites of Tahoe. These smiles were my only smiles all week.

Chris blew a tire while riding on some rocks.

We went to see my brother on Wednesday... best day... ever.
Little miss T

The mall you can bike in.

The uh.. anatomically correct deer.

This is why I love kids who eat chocolate.

Little Miss R was hauling! I could barely get a photo!

Chris went climbing. I closed my eyes.


We hiked... those gondolas were not open. Silly gondola operators.

A glass of $1,000 wine. It pays to know people.

Fabulous wine.

And then my car broke... because the Travel gods hadn't spited me enough. Fortunately, Chris was able to fix it himself.

I am so glad to be back in Sunny San Diego... earthquakes and all.


Nicole said...

Looks like lts of fun! Ooohh, life without kids, reality will hit you one day:)

Beks said...

Gee thanks. You make kids great.


sewcreative said...

You would have had way more fun with kids Becks. Just think how distracted you would have been having to change stinky buns, cleaning up after them, feeding the little buggers, cleaning up after them, getting them down for their naps, cleaning up after them, changing their clothes for the upteenth time, cleaning up after them.......... distraction upon distraction. You would have had no time to think of anything else. I just love kids.

Love, mom