Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Chris and I attended his New Student Orientation on Friday at SDSU. As a non-student/guest I had to attend several sessions by myself while Chris went in for registration. After a session without Chris, a woman came up to me and asked about my child.

‘My child?’ I replied, confused.

‘Yes, your child. Isn’t your son or daughter attending this semester?’ She said, as if slightly annoyed that I could so easily forget my ‘child’.

‘Actually no, my husband is the one attending.’ I replied… still confused.

‘Your husband?!?! Boy! He’s getting a late start!’ She said while walking away.

Reader Note: The orientation was for junior/senior level transfers. I would have had to have had a child at the age of THREE to be there as a parent.

She didn’t appear to have any vision problems but I’m quite positive she was impaired… visually… or mentally…or…


Do I look that old?

Mental Note: Schedule Botox.

In all the movies, parents tearfully drop their child off to college. I always assumed those tears were from the thought of children growing up and moving on….

As a person who just attended a session called ‘Paying for college: How to finance your student’s education’ I can tell you…

Those tears are actually spilled over loan papers, checkbooks, and the thought of being forced to work until the age of 90 just to cover the semester parking pass.

Chris wasn't concerned about the whole ‘money’ thing - he was just glad to be there. At one of the sessions Chris and I attended together, the university announced the official acceptance numbers.

62,000 applications… and only…

3,200 accepted students.

I couldn’t have slapped the grin off Chris’ face.

Trust me. I tried.

As we crossed the parking lot to head home, he threw his arms in the air and did a Rocky style dance - all while sporting his new SDSU t-shirt, SDSU sticker, and SDSU ID card. I didn’t hear the soundtrack but I’m quite sure he did.

Congrats hon. I’m very proud of your hard work.

Goodbye money.

Goodbye Chris.

Hello Future.


Vanessa said...

It sounds like it will be a long haul, but well worth it in the end. Congrats to Chris!

Anonymous said...

STOOPID lady! Blonde to I bet! lol.

YAY for Chris and for a bright future.


Lizzie M. said...

Way to go Christopher!!!